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[this is good] wow. Mr Todd, awesome.Winny here, I hope you still remember me! :)i just got a chance to check out the CSC page and thing's are getting all worked up eh..awesome.

Mr. Todd

Hi Winny, Nice to hear from you! Thanks for checking in with the CSC blog. I think there will be a new CS website this year. I'll keep you posted on this blog about that.
Best wishes,
Mr. Todd

hsu hsu

[this is good] HI MR.TODD!~
this is Hsu Hsu..remember me? (i hope so :P)
i just got *back* this CSC blog link from winny ^_*
so glad to see those~ i miss those times..those awesome trips ="[[[
i feel like coming back to YIEC(ISM) and do those all over again..=[
anyways...i'm extremely happy to see all those new photos and to know what's going on...=]]]]


how nice to hear this. =) i m too proud of our community service.

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