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WKT Sara

Hey Guys
thinking about you both a lot lately... so glad you are not only OK after the huge storm, damage, etc... but also that you are able to help relieve the suffering of those more in need

Sending mental energy to try and help you and friends to KEEP UP YOUR EXCELLENT WORK!!!... in the face of even institutional malingering... let alone natures destructive tendancies, and the more commonplace norms of human greed, hatred and ignorance relief workers have to face...

MAy it Goo SMoothly!

Dear Brave, Strong, Courageous WKTammers.... to the Fore!

We are all well here and the retreat is going fine.. tiny, but good first 'assistant led; retreat.
Hot Hot....today...

WKT Sara

[this is good] News - received an email from the Netherlands today - your details have been spread to THOUSAND of dhamma/meditator practicioners in the NL by the nun running the centre I go to in Amsterdam...
...so the funds should be increasing  for this wonderful work to continue

Good luck with your efforts in the states ...

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